Itacare, beyond gorgeous beaches, delicious cuisine, lively nightlife, culture and crafts, you will find also numerous recreational activities to suit all tastes, surf lessons, to rafting, hiking trails of virgin forest and more. Check out some of the following suggestions and see us for details.

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Canoe the Rio de Contas

praiaThe Contas River has its source in the Chapada Diamantina and covers much of the state of Bahia, ending at the Atlantic Ocean in the town of Itacare. The Rio has stirred, great for practicing “rafting” snippets, but also calm stretches where everyone can enjoy an eco-tour aboard a canoe, knowing mangroves, waterfalls and lush Atlantic forest that borders his bed.

Tours can be made to the Waterfall of Cleandro (located inside a private farm) or to the waterfall Azevedo, also in private farm. All fit for a delicious bath with the flora and fauna that enchant all tourists have the pleasure of knowing them.

Rafting in the rapids of the Rio de Contas

raftingRaftingO Rafting is done in Taboquinhas district, located approximately 1 hour Itacare. The journey is via dirt road, passing through coconut plantations and cocoa with architecture from the beginning of the last century. Practitioners descend the rapids in one of the most beautiful stretches of the Rio de Contas, with difficulty levels ranging from 2 to 4, depending on the river level.

This adventure sport beginsaround 09:30 am and return at 16:30 pm, after indulging in a typical homemade food, filled with delicacies such as the unforgettable portion curuca (freshwater shrimp, typical of local river) and tasty banana farofa the earth.

In Taboquinhas there is also option to Noré Abseiling in waterfall, 18 meters high, Zipline and Pendulum, all performed with confidence and professionalism.

Beaches, Hiking and Waterfalls


RaftingItacaré has several beaches, all with similar beauties, but very exotic and welcoming. Access to a large part of them is by hiking amidst the Atlantic Forest and the beautiful coconut trees and oil palms that line the paths. An interesting curiosity is the existence of freshwater in most beaches, that besides the delicious sea water streams have to invigorating baths.

In these tours, tourists have the opportunity to meet beaches like:

  1. Jeribucacu and Arruda, ending the tour with a relaxing bath in the waterfall Plant…
  2. Contraption, and Hawaizinho Itacarezinho (the only beach that has rural infrastructure restaurant and bar and offers tourists a rich and varied menu of Bahian cuisine), and the tour ended at the beautiful waterfall Tijuípe, located within a farm particular. urban beaches are, good for the practice of surf Resende, as well as Wild Boar, and Costa and Ribeira beaches. All easily accessible to tourists.

Prainha famous, located on private property, is considered one of the most beautiful in Brazil and access is given by a trail lasting approximately 45 minutes.

Deployed Trails


RaftingItacaré has easily accessible trails with approximately 1 hour walk with lakes for swimming, waterfalls and honey production, palm fiber and organic fruits from remnants of primary Atlantic Forest.

Refuge of Angels, Window of Hope and High Gindiba are trails that provide an atmosphere of peace and harmony between man and nature.

Off Road in the Maraú Peninsula

offroadThe ride to the beach destination of Taipus Out in the Marau Peninsula, occurs aboard a Land Rover fully equipped to provide our customers greater comfort and allies for security and entertainment amenity.

RaftingAtravessamos the Contas River by ferry to Pontal. then continue our journey, about 1 ½ hours depending on road conditions, towards Hill Mobile. This is the first stop, where you know a gentleman who has 36 children with two wives, and may take a refreshing coconut water enjoying the wonderful scenery, then straight to the beach follow the Taipus de.

Arriving at the beach Taipus Out, we will make a lovely swim in the natural pools amid the corals and beautiful fish from the Atlantic Ocean. Lunch will be showered with shrimp bobo, m oqueca fish and bait fish and chicken at the discretion of the client. All this amidst a lush coconut trees and nature between the Atlantic sea.

The return to Itacare will have several stops in places where you can not miss a camera, such as the Morro Taipú, Beach Pond and Cassange Cassange Trail of Bromeliads Giants and a relaxing and invigorating swim in the Blue Lagoon.

This tour is done preferably during low tide, where we have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural pools formed by the sea. Our guides are “native” and nobody knows how all paths that lead to the most fascinating places in the Marau Peninsula, and entertained everyone with his jumps and movements of capoeira and traditional climb coconut foot over 20 feet tall without forgetting the many poems that are recited during the ride…

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